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We have recently partnered with Lightship Works Inc. to provide a map-based Information Management solution that allows Indigenous communities to capture & manage their traditional knowledge & current territorial land use, community property and assets data
Our solution has the capacity to manage community emergency response (fire, floods) and track developer or proponent referrals & notices

A Success Story | Lower Nicola Indian Band

Lightship Collect | Traditional Knowledge/Land Use, Land Use Planning, Asset/Regulatory Compliance Monitoring Reporting, Emergency Response Management, Field Data Collection
In real time!

Solution Applications

Traditional Land Use

  • Capture cultural land use, indigenous & ecosystem (woodlands/wetlands/wildlife) value information
  • Identify areas of concern, incl. cultural survival areas

Lands, Property & Asset Management

  • Capture & manage lands, property & assets datProperty&Asset Management Mappinga (Roads/Buildings/Water/Wastewater/Housing)                                      
  • Inventory Assets  
  • Track inspections & maintenance
  • Assess & review complete history of activities (Ex. Forestry - Harvesting data; Mining)
  • Document & store all stages of land processes (Meetings, Field Work, Council Resolutions)
  • Streamline daily public works processes
  • Emergency preparedness (mapping of storage locations for fire hydrants)
    Click Here for an in-depth look at our features

Developer/Proponent Referrals Management

  • Visualize the cumulative effects of developer/proponent activities in traditional territory
  • Track multiple referrals, correspondence and deadlines
  • Streamline community engagement via interactive maps, showing locations & considerations
  • Manage Title & Rights by maintaining a complete record of engagement with all proponents

Emergency Response Management

  • Simplify & streamline communications
  • Real-time collaboration with responding agencies
  • Monitor extreme weather & infrastructure sensors
    Learn More about using Lightship during an emergency situation

Stakeholder Management

Lightship organizes and presents data for presentation in various stakeholders, in the context of various projects
These include community membership & Leadership, Project proponents andpartner organizations 
Learn More about how Lightship facilitates the stakeholder management process

Solution Highlights

Multiple-focused Visualization of Information & Projects, graphically by location, facilitates effective decision-making by Senior Management
Custom Workflows allow for the creation of custom processes for managing workflow
Real-time access to information, via web browser 24/7
Single, Integrated Platform to monitor infrastructure via your desktop/mobile
Secure Solution with multiple location backup servers
Share & Collaborate across departments
Run Queries & Summary Reports
Work Offline the same way you do with an Internet connection; when your connection is restored, information gets uploaded

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seamlessly data collection, visualization & reporting can be done - all from your mobile device!

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