Indigenous Communities
Information Management Solutions

We have recently partnered with Lightship Works Inc. to provide a range of solutions for Indigenous communities to capture & manage their traditional knowledge, land use, community property and assets data, incl. the capacity to track developer/proponent referrals

A Success Story
Lower Nicola Indian Band

Solution Applications

Traditional Land Use

  • Capture cultural land use, indigenous & ecosystem (woodlands/wetlands/wildlife) value information
  • Identify areas of concern, incl. cultural survival areas

Lands, Property & Asset Management

  • Capture & manage lands, property & assets datProperty&Asset Management Mappinga (Roads/Buildings/Water/Wastewater/Housing)                                      
  • Inventory Assets  
  • Track inspections & maintenance
  • Assess & review complete history of activities (Ex. Forestry - Harvesting data; Mining)
  • Document & store all stages of land processes (Meetings, Field Work, Council Resolutions)
  • Streamline daily public works processes
  • Emergency preparedness (mapping of storage locations for fire hydrants)

Developer/Proponent Referrals Management

  • Visualize the cumulative effects of developer/proponent activities in traditional territory
  • Track multiple referrals, correspondence and deadlines
  • Streamline community engagement via interactive maps, showing locations & considerations
  • Manage Title & Rights by maintaining a complete record of engagement with all proponents

Solution Highlights

Multiple-focused Visualization of Information & Projects, graphically by location, facilitates effective decision-making by Senior Management
Custom Workflows allow for the creation of custom processes for managing workflow
Real-time access to information, via web browser 24/7
Single, Integrated Platform to monitor infrastructure via your desktop/mobile
Secure Solution with multiple location backup servers
Share & Collaborate across departments
Run Queries & Summary Reports
Work Offline the same way you do with an Internet connection; when your connection is restored, information gets uploaded

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